Significant Progress Made in Graceland Fraud Investigation

Listen up, folks! We have a riveting tale to tell about none other than the iconic mansion of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. That’s right, we’re diving into a recent development involving Elvis Presley’s historic Graceland home.

An astonishing twist has unfolded in the ongoing investigation into an alleged nefarious scheme to seize this legendary property.

“We have faith in our federal partners and know they will handle this appropriately,” Amy Lannom Wilhite, Director of Communications for the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office.

In an unexpected decision, Tennessee’s attorney general chose to pass the baton of this investigation to federal authorities. The change was confirmed by Amy Lannom Wilhite, who emphasized that it was more appropriate for federal authorities to handle this matter.

Let’s rewind a bit. Last month, Presley’s Memphis estate nearly found itself on the auction block due to a claim by Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC that Lisa Marie Presley had used Graceland as collateral for a substantial $3.8 million loan back in 2018. This revelation followed Lisa Marie’s untimely passing at age 54 in January 2023.

The plot thickens further! Riley Keough, Lisa Marie’s daughter and Elvis’ granddaughter, challenged this purported court-approved sale.

“There is no home in Tennessee more beloved than Graceland,” Jonathan Skrmetti, Tennessee Attorney General.

Keough contended that the loan documents were falsified and pointed out discrepancies with some signatures while questioning Naussany Investments’ claims – quite the legal thriller!

Riley Keough took action on May 15 when she filed a 60-page lawsuit in Shelby County Chancery Court to protect Graceland. Her efforts bore fruit when Shelby County Chancellor JoeDae Jenkin issued an injunction halting the sale just a day before the property was set for auction. This move compelled Naussany Investments to withdraw their legal fight, citing intricate legal challenges as their reason.

The Graceland drama has caught the attention of both the Tennessee attorney general and the FBI. Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti expressed his dedication to combating fraud and safeguarding homeowners, including Elvis Presley’s heirs.

Skrmetti pledged to expose any misconduct and protect those affected, declaring that “There is no home in Tennessee more beloved than Graceland.”

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