KJP and NBC Reporter Collaborate to Critique Newsmax’s James Rosen Over Queries Regarding Biden’s Alertness (Video)

James Rosen, a reporter for Newsmax, recently found himself under fire from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre and NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell. This incident took place during a press briefing when Rosen questioned President Joe Biden’s alertness to engage with the press.

The situation unfolded after O’Donnell, who also serves as the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, proposed that Biden should personally address the reporters in the Brady Briefing Room. This suggestion was followed by a rebuke from O’Donnell towards Rosen for his comment, which was seconded by Jean Pierre.

The exchange went as follows:

O’Donnell: …and we would invite the president to come here and tell us that directly.
Jean Pierre: Noted, noted, noted, Kelly.
Rosen: If he’s awake!
O’Donnell: That’s inappropriate!
Jean Pierre, gloating: As you heard from your colleague, the President of the WHCA, that’s inappropriate. Thank you, Kelly.

It is interesting to note that both The New York Times and Axios have previously reported on Biden’s daily nap schedule and his limited hours of full functionality.

Rosen has experienced backlash from the White House before, having been blackballed for eight months after he questioned Biden’s mental fitness in January 2022.

Logan Ratick, a colleague of Rosen at Newsmax, pointed out that Rosen had been under surveillance by the Obama-Biden administration. He argued that questioning Biden’s alertness should not be considered inappropriate.

An image capturing O’Donnell reprimanding Rosen is available:

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