Rob Reiner Urges Joe Biden to Resign in an Effort to Preserve Democracy

Rob Reiner, an outspoken Hollywood liberal and one of President Joe Biden’s most vocal supporters, has publicly expressed his disappointment with Biden’s recent debate performance. Reiner took to a social media platform to share his thoughts on the event, stating that it was a ‘disaster’ for the 81-year-old president.

Reiner wrote, ‘Last night’s debate was a disaster for President Biden. But the choice is still crystal clear: We either can choose a good decent man who cares about his fellow citizens and knows how to govern, or a Convicted Felon who will destroy our Democracy. Not a tough choice.’

In an unexpected turn of events, Reiner is now calling for Biden to step down. He posted on social media, ‘It’s time to stop messing around. If the Convicted Felon wins, we lose our Democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served US with honor, decency, and dignity. It’s time for Joe Biden to step down.’

This call from Reiner has sparked outrage among leftist supporters. Some users have responded with anger and disbelief at his statements.

One user responded: ‘Congratulations. After 8 years you’ve been unfollowed. Check the Bloomberg polls, Skippy.’

Another commented: ‘What a moronic thing to say. So you are okay overriding the will of Democratic voters, especially black voters? Shameful.’

Others expressed concern over potential alternatives to Biden. One user warned: ‘Newsom would have a ridiculously hard time winning. Be careful what you wish for. Biden is the best chance at beating Trump.’

Some accused Reiner of undermining Democratic values: ‘Bad call, and you’ll find out why. We’re not running a cult of personality here; that’s the Republicans. Democrats believe in institutions and the rule of law, and there’s a designated successor standing by. Get a grip.’

‘I might add how DARE you undermine the work that 1000s of people have done in the name of this election for Biden and Harris. Who the actual heck do you think you are?’ another user added.

One user defended Biden, writing: ‘We already voted! He’s our nominee. That’s democracy! Our vote counts! Have you noticed how no one has been worried about President Biden having absolute immunity since the SCOTUS ruling? People trust Biden’s character and leadership. Allies aren’t worried either. That’s a trust you can only earn from 50 years of service as a senator, VP and President. It’s a whole different story with anyone else… especially Trump. It’s huge! There’s no one else! Biden will win!!’

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