Joy Behar Suggests Skipping Biden’s Drug Screen and Recommends Lie Detector Test for Trump

Joy Behar’s Take on Trump and Biden’s Upcoming Debate

Host of “The View,” Joy Behar, made a provocative statement about the upcoming presidential debate. She suggested that President Donald Trump, not his opponent Joe Biden, should be subjected to testing before the event. Additionally, she expressed her desire for Trump to take a polygraph test.

TMZ interacted with Behar on Tuesday outside ABC Studios in New York City. When asked about Trump’s recent challenge for Biden to undergo a drug test before Thursday’s debate – a move seemingly designed to insinuate claims of Biden using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) – she offered an unexpected perspective.

Trump has been trying to stir up speculation about Biden ahead of significant public events. However, Behar downplayed these concerns and instead shifted the focus onto Trump himself.

Check it out … Joy says Biden’s all there mentally — saying she doesn’t buy Trump’s reckless claims that he uses anything to enhance his “performance”

In her view, Trump needs testing. Her justification for this was quite stupid. She suggested that Trump be connected to a lie detector test, stating that this would be the only worthwhile examination and one that she believes he would fail.

Joy says Don oughta be hooked up to a lie detector test — noting that’s the only test she thinks would be worth using … and one she believes he’d fail.

Behar even made remarks about potential substances in Trump’s system at his expense.

Regardless of these comments, the upcoming Thursday’s debate is crucial for both Biden and Trump. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has recently expressed his belief that the pressure is particularly high on Biden.

CC thinks Biden might drop out of the race entirely if he flubs the first debate with Trump.

It seems unlikely that any tests will be conducted before the event. As such, viewers can expect an unfiltered showdown between Biden and Trump as they kick off their debate this Thursday!

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