Guess Who’s Leaving Sacramento to Pursue Elite Private Education for Their Family

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who frequently finds himself under the microscope for his policies, is once more in the public eye. The reason this time around? His decision to opt for a high-end education route for his children rather than focusing on enhancing the public education system he governs. It raises questions about why a public servant would not prioritize improving public services for everyone, instead of seeking exclusive alternatives only available to a select few.

The Western Journal reports:

As per numerous reports, California’s chief executive and probable 2028 Democratic presidential candidate is shifting his official residence to the elite Marin County in the Bay Area, moving away from California’s capital, Sacramento. The reason behind this move isn’t just its picturesque landscape but primarily because Newsom and his wife desire better schools for their children. This exclusive corner of Northern California where hefty prices ensure access to top-tier schools and keep undesirables at bay.

This action by Newsom epitomizes a core issue with many Democratic politicians – they advocate equality and accessibility for all but practice exclusivity when it comes to their personal lives. Actions certainly speak louder than words; while they publicly support reforms in public education, they privately choose private educational paths.

The inconsistency doesn’t stop there. Despite implementing strict COVID-19 regulations across California, Governor Newsom was found breaking his own rules at a Michelin-starred restaurant without wearing a mask. Such behavior prompts one to question whether these leaders genuinely stand by the policies they promote or if these are simply political tactics.

As Governor Newsom sets himself up as a potential frontrunner for the 2028 Democratic presidential nomination, he symbolizes a California that he wouldn’t even select for his own children’s education. This contradiction between public service and personal choices sparks questions about these politicians’ authenticity and dedication to the citizens they are meant to serve.

Given this context, it would be heartening if Newsom became a champion for school choice and parental rights – an expectation that aligns with his personal decisions. However, whether he will reconcile his political position with his private actions is yet to be seen.

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