Former World Economic Forum Staff Accuse Founder Klaus Schwab of Involvement in a Sex Scandal

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, is currently in the spotlight due to grave allegations of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. These claims have emerged from an investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal. However, Schwab has vehemently denied these accusations.

Key Accusations:

A number of female employees have come forward, accusing Schwab of sexual harassment and contributing to an uncomfortable workplace atmosphere.

Allegedly, Schwab sought to dismiss employees over 50 years old in an attempt to lower the average age of his workforce. When Paolo Gallo, his HR chief, resisted this move without valid performance-related reasons, Schwab reportedly terminated him.

In 2017, it’s alleged that Schwab dismissed a pregnant woman who was spearheading a startup initiative based on his assumption that her productivity would decline.

Several female staff members have reported career hindrances or being forced out following pregnancy or maternity leave.

Additional female employees allege they were subjected to suggestive comments and inappropriate behavior from senior managers – some of whom continue to work at the Forum.

Mryiam Boussina, a former employee stated: “I knew he liked me and I knew he found me pretty. Every man with a lot of power, they think that they can get any woman and they are not ashamed.” Another woman who worked at the WEF during the 2010s added that there was considerable pressure to appear attractive and wear tight dresses.

The World Economic Forum under Schwab’s leadership has been a vocal advocate of the ‘Great Reset,’ a proposal that suggests replacing democratic governments with a global governance system similar to communist China.

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