Biden Shares Anecdote of Interaction with Schoolchildren During Visit to Philadelphia Democratic Campaign Office (Video)

On Sunday, President Joe Biden made a trip to Philadelphia, aiming to appeal to the African American community by visiting a local black church. This move comes amidst his reelection campaign which seems to be struggling.

It could be said that Biden appeared quite comfortable in the setting of the black church. Could it be because he was brought up in such an environment?


In recent times, Biden has faced criticism from various quarters. The voices urging him to withdraw from the presidential race are growing louder, especially after his performance at the recent debate which many have termed as disastrous.

After participating in a Sunday service at Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ, Biden made an unexpected visit to a Democratic campaign office located in Philadelphia.

The atmosphere at the campaign headquarters was rather somber and lacked enthusiasm for Biden’s presence.

Biden shared an unusual anecdote about how he used to halt his vehicle upon seeing children waving from a schoolyard.

“I’d be riding down a street in my vehicle before and see a bunch of kids in the schoolyard waving and I’d stop and get out. Realistically, I can’t do that anymore. It’s just too dangerous what’s going on out there,” said Biden.

This perceived danger is attributed by some critics to policies implemented by Democrats.


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