President Trump Proposes $1 Million Charity Golf Game to Joe Biden, Offering a Twenty Stroke Advantage

In an exciting turn of events, President Trump has issued a challenge to Joe Biden for a charity golf match. He announced this challenge on Tuesday night, proposing a $1 million donation to the charity of choice for the winner. In a surprising twist, Trump offered to give Biden a 20 stroke lead in the match.

This bold move by Trump follows after Biden himself challenged Trump during the CNN presidential debate. Biden not only proposed a round of golf but also promised he would carry his own clubs.

Joe Biden: “Hey, by the way, I told you before, I’m happy to play you in golf if you carry your own bag.”

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Biden can actually carry his own bag of clubs over 50 yards without stumbling. It’s certainly a point of curiosity and speculation.

Biden didn’t stop at just challenging Trump to golf. During the same debate, he also proposed a driving contest and made an astonishing claim that left even Trump surprised – that he had a 6 handicap in golf.

With these challenges flying back and forth between the two political heavyweights, it seems like we are set for some interesting times ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing saga.

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