Instead of ‘Who is Replacing Biden?’, We Should Be Asking ‘Who is Running Our Country?’ – A Perspective from Wayne Root

Article by Wayne Allyn Root

Following the recent debate performance by Joe Biden, it was intriguing to note that the media’s response was almost instantaneous and strikingly uniform. It seemed as though they had anticipated the outcome, ready to react with a pre-prepared narrative.

“Joe’s gotta go!”

This unanimous conclusion from the liberal media – those who have consistently downplayed Biden’s declining mental and physical health over the past four years – raises several questions. How did this sudden consensus come about? Was it all part of a premeditated plan?

I’ve been aware of Biden’s deteriorating condition long before it became public knowledge. It was hardly a secret in Washington DC circles. Here is an excerpt from one of my commentaries written a month ago:

“Democrats need to make a change. Pronto. That’s precisely why they scheduled a debate for June 27th. That debate is the end of Biden. After this debate, with the whole nation watching decrepit Joe, it will be clear to everyone that Biden has to step down.”

Now, finally, mainstream media and political figures in DC seem to be waking up to what I’ve been predicting for some time.

The current discourse revolves around finding a replacement for Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. However, I believe we are being led astray by these distractions.

We should instead be asking more pertinent questions such as: “Who is running our country?” This is crucial considering we now know that Joe Biden isn’t truly at the helm.

If not him, then who has been making key decisions affecting every American citizen over these past four years? Who is managing our economy? Who is ensuring our homeland security? Who is making decisions about potential global conflicts?

Who decided to leave our borders open, allowing for an influx of illegal immigrants? Who made the decision to persecute Trump and orchestrate trials against him?

And if my prediction has been right from day one, that it’s been Barack Obama giving orders and running the country as a de facto President, then we have an unelected, unconstitutional figure controlling America.

Another question that arises is: “Who is pulling Obama’s strings?” Are foreign powers like China influencing our policies? Is George Soros behind our government’s decisions? Have we surrendered our country to our enemies?

“Because all of that is TREASON.”

Last but not least, we need to ask: “Who are the individuals who concealed Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical condition for four years?”

They all participated in a grand deception. They pretended that Joe Biden was healthy and mentally sharp so they could continue exploiting taxpayer money and government contracts. They violated their oath of office by not coming forward with the truth about Biden’s declining health.

“They ‘aided and abetted’ a Constitutional crime by not enacting the 25th Amendment.”

The real question isn’t about Biden’s future or his replacement. The most pressing concern is: “Who is truly running our country?”

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