Ex-Somali Prime Minister Hassan Khaire Affirms Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Interests Align with Somali People and Nation

The former Prime Minister of Somalia, Hassan Khaire, was the main attraction at the 2024 Somali Week Festival. The festival, a celebration of Somali heritage, took place in Minnesota and Washington D.C. Read more about the festival here.

In his speech to attendees, Khaire expressed a sentiment that many Americans have voiced: Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) priorities align more with those of Somalis and Somalia than with American people. More on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s stance here.

According to translations of his remarks, Khaire stated in front of a visibly pleased Omar that her interests are not personal or tied to Minnesota or even the American people. Instead, he declared that her interests lie with the Somali people and Somalia.

Khaire further emphasized that ‘The success of Ilhan is the success of Somalia.’ He then urged Somalis worldwide to financially support Omar’s campaign.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, a 2022 video shows Omar addressing a gathering of Somali Americans in Minneapolis in their native language. In this video, she repeatedly refers to Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the visiting President of Somalia as ‘our president’ and states ‘Somalia is our home.’

Despite Omar’s denial, translations of her speech suggest that she identified herself and her audience as Somalians first, Muslims second. She reportedly expressed confidence in the influence of Somali Americans over U.S. government actions.

A week after this event, Omar once again referred to Somalia as ‘our country’ and expressed her close ties with the President of Somalia.

While Omar has disputed these translations, they seem to reveal a clear bias.

It’s also important to note that Omar’s father served as a high-ranking official in the Somalian Barre Regime known for its genocidal activities. Following this, he allegedly changed his and Omar’s names and entered the U.S. illegally.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has called for Omar’s censure by the House of Representatives due to her alleged allegiance to the Somali government, describing such loyalty as ‘treasonous.’

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