Andrew Yang Suggests Democrats Consider a New Candidate Following Biden’s Debate Performance

Andrew Yang, the former Democrat presidential candidate, has recently voiced his concerns over the Democratic Party’s choice of Joe Biden as their candidate. Yang’s comments were in response to Biden’s performance during a recent debate.

Yang himself was a contender for the presidency in 2020 but withdrew his candidacy following the New Hampshire primary. Despite this, he showed his support for the party by endorsing Joe Biden.

During Thursday night’s presidential debate, Yang posted to X, “Guys, the Dems should nominate someone else – before it’s too late. #swapJoeout.”

Yang did not stop at that single comment. He continued to express his concerns about Biden’s capabilities as a leader in subsequent posts.

“Look I debated Joe 7 times in 2020. He’s a different guy in 2024. #swapJoeout,” Yang wrote in another post.

In yet another post, Yang highlighted what he believes is Biden’s strength – his character and commitment to doing what is right for the country. However, he suggested that in this instance, doing what’s right might mean stepping aside for another nominee.

“What’s Joe Biden’s superpower? That he’s a good guy who will do the right thing for the country. In this case, that’s stepping aside and letting the DNC choose another nominee,” Yang added.

The reactions from CNN hosts during their post-debate discussion seemed to echo Yang’s sentiments – there was a palpable sense of unease and consensus that Biden had lost the debate.

Yang’s political career has seen its share of ups and downs. After his unsuccessful run for presidency, he also campaigned to be the mayor of New York but did not achieve success in that endeavor either.

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