Amazon Employee Thwarts Attempted Carjacking of Female Colleague’s Van in NYC, Video Shows

An Amazon delivery driver, in a courageous act of bravery, intervened to rescue his female co-worker from the grip of a violent criminal on a bustling New York City street.

The incident unfolded last weekend, as reported by the New York Post. The news outlet was able to secure footage showcasing the worker’s heroic actions.

The video clip provided by the Post begins with the alleged perpetrator suddenly attacking the female Amazon driver while she was caught in traffic. The assailant, dressed entirely in black, reportedly struck her multiple times before forcibly removing her from the van.

In an immediate response, her male colleague rushed over to protect her. He began to fiercely fight off the attacker right there on the street, who struggled but failed to defend himself against him.

Eventually, the woman stepped in to separate both men involved in this alarming situation.

Once the Amazon worker ceased his defensive attack, the carjacker attempted to steal their vehicle again. However, he was promptly dragged out by our brave workers.

As per New York Post, the would-be carjacker was later apprehended by the police on charges of robbery and assault. His identity remains undisclosed to date.

Considering this incident took place in New York City, it’s likely that he will receive a lenient punishment or possibly have his charges dropped altogether. Meanwhile, our Amazon hero might find himself targeted by an overly zealous district attorney.

Amazon has confirmed that they are conducting their own investigation into this event, which is still ongoing.

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