You Won't Believe Who Turned In This Teacher For Her Secret Affair

A Pennsylvania high school choir teacher was reported to school administrators by her husband after he discovered her sexual relationship with a female student. Olivia Ortz turned herself in Monday and was charged with two counts of sexual activity with one of her 17-year-old Wilmington Area High School students.

The 26-year-old teacher was reported by her husband after he discovered messages from the teen on Ortiz’s iPad. Appalled, he went to school administrators with the messages in hand. Ortz was immediately suspended without pay.

After several interviews with the victim, she told police that Ortz had engaged in sexual activity with her. According to court documents, the teen believed that her choir director was a "safe adult.”

Ortz is accused of inviting the victim to her home while her husband was out of town; she victimized the girl by enticing her into sexual activity in the couple’s bedroom. The victim told police she had gone to her teacher’s home several times to "comfort" her after her husband discovered their “relationship.”

Investigators said they believe Ortz and her student began communicating over Spotify after Ortz’s cell phone and iPad were confiscated on May 5; they say the two spoke in code to try to hide their conversation’s contents.

Ortz is free on a $150,000 bond. Her preliminary hearing is set for May 25.

Ortz resigned from her role at the school on May 9. Her predecessor, former music director Jonathan Priano, 37, was also arrested in 2020 for misconduct with several students. He faces 10 counts of sexual assault and two counts of unlawful contact with minors. His pretrial hearing is set for June 29.

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