You Won't Believe How Migrants Have Been Sneaking Deeper Into The U.S.

Texas Border Patrol agents arrested 24 migrants who are alleged to have used a train to travel deeper into the United States after illegally crossing the border.

Agents at the Corpus Christi Border Patrol station received a 911 call Friday afternoon about 10 suspected migrants walking near the train tracks close to the town of Robstown.

Border Patrol agents, working with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) and Robstown Police Department, arrested those 10 migrants as well as 12 other migrants that were discovered, according to Customs and Border Protection.

Authorities found bolt cutters among the group’s possessions which were suspected to be used to break into train cars, CBP said.

While authorities were waiting for the migrants to be transported, they noticed a blue GMC Yukon pass by them. Sheriff’s deputies initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and discovered two more illegal immigrants, suspected of trying to pick up the group that had just been arrested, CBP said.

Border Patrol agents took all the individuals involved into custody. CBP said the group of migrants were citizens of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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