WH Defends Biden's Frequent Absence From The Office

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has spent more time away from the White House than former President Donald Trump did at the same time in his presidency.

Biden has not denied that he prefers spending a majority of his time away from the White House, saying that there is “no real upside to living physically” at the residence and complained more than once about the lack of privacy “and the pomp-and-circumstance” that comes with living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For the most part, Biden can be found at one of his two homes in Delaware, having spent 108 of his first 276 days as president at Maryland's Camp David or in Delaware, all at the taxpayer's expense.

In fact, Biden has taken more personal trips than former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush’s as well.

The White House has defended Biden’s choice to work from remote locations, with White House spokesman Andrew Bates saying that American presidents “are constantly on the job, regardless of their location.”

“Presidents of the United States are constantly on the job, regardless of their location; whether they’re on a state visit overseas or just 100 miles from the White House for a short trip to Wilmington,” Bates said. “Wherever he is, the President spends every day working to defeat the pandemic, to ensure our economy delivers for the middle class – not just those at the top – and to protect our national security. Also, as all Americans can agree, it’s important for leaders to avoid becoming ensconced in Washington, DC.”

The president spends time with his family while away from the White House and according to one spokesperson he’s always “strategizing with staff” and “being briefed” on ongoing issues. While spending time in Delaware, Biden is often spending his time golfing.

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