WATCH This Man Gets Dangerously Close To Monster Gator's Jaws

A Florida gator got violent after the paparazzi tried to get a close-up.

In a Facebook video shared by Bobby Wummer Photography, an alligator chomped down on his GoPro camera during an interaction in Florida.

Summer gave the following account of the interaction:

I was trying to get a close up Florida alligator video using my #Gopro camera . I used a twelve foot extension pole to place the GoPro on the end and I was well above him. As you can see I did get an EXTREME close up inside the gators mouth. This was not done intentionally, I didn’t think that he would actually lunge up and bite down on the cam. I was lucky and didn’t play tug of war which would have probably been the end of camera! The alligator then realized that the camera was not food and he released the camera. Fortunately I was able to retrieve the GoPro with only minor damage to the camera.

While it’s not the most terrifying gator video ever seen it does serve as a reminder that alligators aren’t something you want to mess with.

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