VIDEO: EX-NFL QB Caught Assaulting Player At A High School Game

A video recently made the rounds showing Trent Dilfer, a former NFL quarterback, exploding at one of his players during a recent game. This isn't uncommon for the rough and rowdy sport but this happened to be a high school game and the players were teenagers.

Dilfer is currently the head coach of Lipscomb Academy where he just lost his mind during a matchup game. The former quarterback is seen in the video yelling and physically berating a player on the sidelines.

Dilfer later forced an apology with a statement posted to the Lipscomb Academy Football Twitter account.

During a moment of frustration in an attempt to get our team to play with more discipline, I unfairly singled Beau out. Somehow Beau Dawson has been portrayed publicly as the culprit in this situation when in reality I should have been a better leader and shown greater wisdom and discernment in how I handled this incident. Overall, I could not be more proud of Beau and the rest of our team for how they handle the emotional nature of each game they compete in.

A professional of Dilfer's status should know better than to have this type of public meltdown, not just as a coach, but as an adult. As a role model, he should know that this is not the type of example he should set.

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