Victim's Father Drops BOMBSHELL Clue About Quadruple Murder

In the early hours of November 13, Kaylee, a 21-year-old university senior, her best friend Madison Mogen, 20, their roommate Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, were all fatally stabbed in their home close to campus.

According to Kaylee Goncalves's parents, at least two of the four University of Idaho students who died had disparate "means of death."

"I'll cut to the chase – their means of death don't match." Kaylee's father said.

"Their points of damage don't match," he added. "I'm just going to say it. It wasn't leaked to me. I earned that. I paid for that funeral. … I sent my daughter to college. She came back in a box, and I can speak on that."

Kaylee and Mogen were sleeping in the same bed when the attack occurred, according to Kaylee's father.

While it is unclear whether Goncalves was speaking about any one person in particular, Kaylee's mother, Kristi Goncalves, previously said that she believes police cleared some individuals a little too fast early in their investigation into the quadruple homicide.

"We just have no information as a family. And it's tough, day after day after day," Kristi Goncalves said. "I mean, every day you just wake up and think, 'Today's the day we're going to hear something,' and you see these, 'Oh, there's a break in the case,' and it'll just be something stupid."

The students were fatally stabbed three weeks ago on Sunday, most likely while they were asleep, according to the Latah County coroner.

The brutal killings have continued to be referred to as "an isolated, targeted attack" by the Moscow Police Department. Students at the University of Idaho who went home for Thanksgiving break had the choice between doing their schoolwork at home or coming back to campus while the suspect was still on the loose.

Police have not yet revealed a motive for the quadruple homicide.

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