USSA: Administration Issues Rules for News Reporting

The current Biden administration has recently been embroiled in a scandal involving classified intel. During a press briefing, John Kirby of the National Security Council implored journalists not to report on the leaked Pentagon documents that have appeared online. He noted that these documents ought not to be in the public domain and must not be publicized.

So what is it that the Biden Administration is trying to conceal? It could encompass everything from details about foreign intelligence operations to military actions or even evidence of political corruption within the White House itself. To attempt to silence information is an affront to the First Amendment; this guarantees freedom of speech for members of the media and allows them to publish newsworthy information as they see fit.

This isn't the first time the Obama-Biden administration has tried to put a lid on press reports; clearly, President Biden is no different in this regard. It comes as yet another example of their attempts to evade responsibility and compromise transparency.

The Pentagon is now reviewing the leaked documents and determining their validity and national security implications. The Department of Justice has apparently initiated a criminal investigation into the source of the leak.

It isn't just an attack on freedom of speech when the Biden Administration tries to stifle news releases; it's also an effort to keep citizens in the dark. To do so without consequence sets a terrifying precedent for future administrations and undermines democracy as a whole. Moreover, they have accused other countries like Israel of instigating protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – a diversionary tactic to distract from their own misdeeds.

We must not let the Biden Administration get away with this act of censorship; we must preserve our right to freedom of speech and maintain an open exchange of information. It's our responsibility to hold them accountable and ensure that these acts never take place again. Without a free press, democracy is doomed. We must do what we can to prevent such infringements upon civil liberties.

The Biden administration must be held accountable for their attempts to conceal information and oppress freedom of the press. We need to protect our right to know what is going on in our government and ensure that the truth is accessible to everyone. Our democracy depends on it.

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