Understanding the White House’s Stance on Fox News

Recently, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson does not believe in “truth” in response to his coverage of the January 6th Capitol riot. This statement has caused a stir and has left many to ask whether or not the White House considers Fox News a legitimate news organization. Let’s take a closer look at this statement and the implications it could have for the future of media.

First, let’s examine what exactly was said by Jean-Pierre. She stated that Carlson was “not even interested in facts and truth” when discussing the footage from January 6th. This statement is clearly meant to paint Carlson as someone who is more focused on agenda than fact. It also implies that Fox News is not a news organization but rather an opinion platform meant to spread propaganda instead of facts.

Jean-Pierre said, “So, I’ll say this, when you look at the depositions that have been out there recently, it even states from fox news leadership, they do not see Tucker Carlson’s show as news or even truthful. That is coming from the Fox leadership. That’s not coming from me. That’s coming from them. And also would quote, paraphrase here, with the chief of Capital police said. He said when you watch Tucker Carlson as it relates to January 6, it is misleading. It is misinformation with the conclusion of what happened on January 6, the attacks that happened.”

She added, “As you saw from the president’s statement, 140 officers were injured, nearly 140 officers were injured on that day. It was an attack on democracy. It was an attack on our Constitution, and you cannot whitewash that. Tucker Carlson cannot whitewash that. Anyone who doesn’t see with their own eyes what occurred cannot whitewash that. And so, the president’s going to stand with the police officers. He’s going to stand for truth. And clearly, that is not what Tucker Carlson believes in.”

The next question then becomes, why is this statement important? The answer lies in how it affects the public perception of media outlets like Fox News and their respective audiences. It implies that Fox viewers are blindly following false narratives instead of seeking out factual information from unbiased sources. This could potentially lead to further polarization between Republican and Democratic voters as well as further distrust between different political factions.

It also raises questions about whether or not President Joe Biden will continue to publicly criticize Fox News during his time in office. Will he continue to call out its journalists for their lack of impartiality or will he choose to ignore them altogether? Only time will tell but right now it appears that Biden is taking no chances when it comes to separating fact from fiction when it comes to media outlets like Fox News.


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s comment about Tucker Carlson’s coverage of video footage from the U.S Capitol riot reveals much about how the White House views certain news organizations, most notably Fox News. Her comments imply that they do not consider Fox an impartial source for news due to their biased reporting, which could cause further polarization between Republicans and Democrats if it continues going forward into Biden’s presidency. Ultimately, only time will tell if Biden will continue calling out certain news organizations or if he’ll choose a more hands-off approach moving forward with his administration’s policy towards media outlets like Fox News.

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