Unbelievable Video Shows Human Bodies Pouring Out Of The Back Of A Semi

The situation at the border is far more out of control than anyone realizes.

We know that it’s a mess and illegal crossings were actually on a decline before Joe Biden stepped up to the plate, but when he immediately ended everything President Trump did to secure our country, all hell broke loose.

Now, we have a massive surge of illegal crossings, we have an above maximum capacity of people at the facilities at the border, we have people being set loose into the country, we have people being put up in hotels, and everything else.

But just to demonstrate how bad things are, there was a video recently taken which captured approximately 100 immigrants being smuggled into Texas through a coyote who loaded them into the back of a tractor-trailer and drove them to Pearsall, TX.

According to the Pearsall Police Department, a person driving behind the truck saw arms and then someone’s head sticking outside of the truck’s small door. That witness called the police.

Authorities said the driver fled along with the migrants and tried to blend in with group once authorities got there, but they were able to identify him as the driver and arrest him. They described the migrants as dehydrated and “soaked in sweat.”

In total, 65 migrants were apprehended. The driver of the truck was arrested and placed in federal custody; it is unclear what charges the driver will face at this time. Authorities did not elaborate on the whereabouts of the migrants.

Pearsall PD said they were getting 911 calls from local residents saying they were spotting migrants running through their yards well into the night.

This comes as Republican lawmakers blame the Biden administration’s border policy for a surge in migrants at the Texas-Mexico border. In a letter addressed to President Joe Biden Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott demanded answers to what he called a “humanitarian crisis at the southern border.”

Officials in south Texas also say they’re observing an increase in human-smuggling operations at the U.S.-Mexico border, which they say endangers those being transported.

This is a catastrophic disaster. Joe Biden told them to come and now they’re coming by the truck Load, literally.

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