TV Host Taken Hostage At Gunpoint Has A Disturbing Message For The Public

Afghan television's Peace Studio recently presented a video message in which a man appearing to be the host of the show urges the Afghan populace to "cooperate with it and should not be afraid," while Taliban militants stand behind him, holding guns to his head.

With armed Taliban soldiers standing behind him, the terrified presenter of Afghan TV's Peace Studio political debate program warns the public that the Islamic Emirate (Taliban's preferred name) wants them to "cooperate with it and should not be afraid"

The host of the Peace Studio TV show can be seen standing in front of two Taliban fighters who are dressed in tactical gear and appear to be armed with loaded deadly weapons. The host is not but can be heard urging his audience to "cooperate with the situation."

This incident took place just over a week after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan just before the United States was scheduled to complete its troop withdrawal from the country, according to The Associated Press (AP).

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