Trump Campaign Poked Fun At Kamala Harris For Her Cringy Gaffe

Even if you are not familiar with any of his many Billboard chart-topping hits like California Love or Changes, you should know that Tupac Shakur was murdered by an unknown assailant in 1996 in what is one of the most famous unsolved cases in pop culture history.

Which made it even more embarrassing for Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris when she called the long-dead hip-hop icon the "best rapper alive."

Harris made the gaffe while speaking at a virtual NAACP convention last month after CNN commentator Angela Rye asked the senator who she thought was the "best rapper alive."

"Tupac" was her answer then quickly corrected herself saying, "I keep doing that."

"West Coast girls think Tupac lives on. I'm with you," Rye joked while covering for Harris.

This prompted laughter from both women but the moment was definitely cringe-worthy.

Harris then fumbled with the question saying, "Um, who would I say? I mean, there's so many...There are some that I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane." She then trailed off without answering the question.

Rye gives a confused look and replies, "That was not supposed to be a stumper."

In a jab at Harris, the Trump campaign is reportedly leaving a vice presidential debate ticket for Tupac Shakur.

The spokesperson, Jason Miller, shared this faux news on a press call.

CBS News reporter Nicole Sganga later posted a tweet that said, "I asked the Trump campaign who Vice President Mike Pence is bringing to tonight's debate. A spokesperson responded: Tupac."

There have been many long-running conspiracy theories that claim the rapper is still alive today and he faked his own death. So who knows? Maybe Kamala Harris who is a sitting U.S. senator from California, where Tupac lived before his death, knows something that we don't.

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