This Is A Huge Embarrassment For VP Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris interview with NBC Today host Savannah Guthrie was a train wreck as she basically admitted that the Biden Administration has no real plan to open schools.

The entire interview was a mess not only did Harris admit they don’t have a real plan to open schools, she didn’t provide any strategy on how the Biden Administration is distributing the vaccine.

In December Joe Biden promised to get schools open within his first 100 days now they are settling to “open as many as possible.”

Harris was also asked about the vaccine but wouldn’t give any details on when average Americans would be able to receive it. Her best answer was that all Americans can chose to get the vaccine by “the end of July.”

“First of all, we have a vaccine now, and that is great, but we need to get it in the arms of all Americans. And as the president said last night, we expect that that will be done, in terms of having the available supply, by the end of July. And so we are very excited about that. And we’re excited about what we’ve been rolling out. You’re right, we’re four weeks in as an administration, but we have, during these four weeks, done a lot that is about a national protocol for getting the vaccines to folks, supporting the states who needed that kind of coordination and support.”

Biden has come under after he claimed the virus didn’t exist until he became president, totally forgetting he received his first dose of the vaccine while Trump was still President.

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