This Ghost Found At The Bottom Of A Lake Will Give You Chills

A piece of American history has emerged from the receding waters of California's Shasta Lake.

According to the US Forest Service Shasta Trinity Unit, the Higgins Boat, also known as "The Ghost Boat" during WWII, surfaced in the lake as its water dried up.

The boat was discovered in the fall of 2021.

According to the Forest Service, the boat was assigned to the attack transport USS Monrovia, which served as General Patton's headquarters during the invasion of Sicily.

During this time, General Dwight Eisenhower was also aboard the Monrovia. The ship was reportedly used in the Tarawa invasion.

According to the Forest Service, the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the "Ghost Boat" remain unknown.

The boat will be removed from the lake, restored, and displayed at a Nebraska museum. Efforts will be made to restore the boat while preserving as much of its original integrity as possible.

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