The ISIS Mistress Gives Explicit Details About Affair With Texas Lawmaker

Disgraced U.S. Rep Van Taylor’s former ISIS lover has revealed new details of her sexual encounters with the Texas lawmaker. The GOP congressman dropped his reelection bid and confessed to an eight-month affair with reformed jihadist Tania Joya.

Ex-lover Joya,38, has gone public with details of the couple's affair, claiming, “for me it was making love, but for him, it was just sex. Whenever he was in town, four, five times a night, he was all over me, he could not keep his d**k in his pants."

“There were no flowers, no gifts. He didn’t take me on a single date in eight months. He was like, no, I'm too famous, everywhere I go I get harassed," she continued.  “I can't even eat out at a restaurant because everybody wants to talk to me which is a laugh because nobody under 55 knows who he is."

“A couple of times, like Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, he gave me cash, $500 a time. That was it. I said, wow, it feels like you’re paying me for sex. It made me cringe but he claimed he was too busy to buy gifts and didn’t want the paper trail on his credit card. One person said to me, you’re his booty call. I didn’t really know what that was because I’d been MIA for ten years in the Middle East.”

British-born Joya was radicalized in her teens then married Texan Muslim convert John Georgelas and moved with him to Syria in 2013 where she had ambitions of being a suicide bomber.

Life was so dark there that within weeks the mother-of-four and so-called ‘First Lady of ISIS’ fled to Turkey, and ended up in the US where she abandoned radical Islam.

She met Taylor through work and they quickly became lovers.

Joya claims that Taylor was ‘turned on’ by her dark past as a jihadi sympathizer.”

“He said that I was the most fascinating woman he's ever met. He loved my stories, and, ha, have I got crazy stories," said Joya. "The sex was ok but he was a selfish lover, more interested in being pleased than doing the pleasing. I consented to some things that I wish I hadn’t.”

Taylor eventually broke things off with Joya, refusing to leave his real estate mogul wife Ann Coolidge and their three daughters.

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