Suspicious Traffic Violation Quickly Spirals Out Of Control

A man in New Jersey was fatally shot by law enforcement after he gulped a drink, smoked a cigarette, and then shot his own dog.

New Jersey troopers Joshua Machuca and Eduardo Tejada responded to a call in early November about a car that had skidded into a ditch at around 1:30 A.M. Troopers found the vehicle perpendicular to the road and asked 34-year-old Timothy Parks if he was okay.

The officers were cautious when Parks did not respond to their questions. Footage of the incident released by the New Jersey attorney general’s office, shows one trooper yelling at Parks to “keep your hands in the front” and another telling him “don’t touch that,” though it is unclear what the officer was referring to.

Footage shows Parks taking a swig of a drink after which he pulled out what appeared to be a cigarette, as a trooper continued to tell him to keep his hands visible. “Hey! Don’t touch the gun,” one of the troopers yelled as the music got louder.

The attorney general’s office said the troopers shot Parks shortly after he had fired a gun at his own dog and killed him. The troopers rendered first aid to Parks who was rushed to Lehigh Valley Hospital but died later that night from his injury.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said an investigation has been launched and is ongoing.

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