Suspect Identified In The Horrific Execution Of Six Year Old Boy

A man believed to have killed a six-year-old boy, the child's father, and the father's girlfriend earlier this month has been arrested by Warren police.

The child and woman were shot execution style in the basement of a Warren, Michigan, home, and the father was later found dead in a burned up car in Detroit.

Six year old Tai'raz and 28 year old Isis Rimson were found in the child's home with gunshot wounds to the head.

Federal and local authorities raided the West Bloomfield home of the suspect and were seen bringing out bags of evidence.

Originally Nicholas Raad Bahri, 37, was brought in as a person of interest but was identified as a suspect on Tuesday morning.Bahri has been arraigned on three homiced charges, three charges of committing a felony while possessing a gun, three charges that involved a felon carrying a gun, and one charge of mutilation of a dead body.  Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer is calling for the death penalty after he requested involvement from federal authorities.

Dwyer praised officers for their hard work leading up to the arrest saying, "I was really pleased with the way Detroit police and Warren police meshed together so quickly." He referred to the murders as "truly evil an unthinkable" and said the person responsible clearly has no regard for life.

"When you murder of 6-year-old innocent baby, the person or persons responsible deserve the death penalty," Dwyer said at a news conference.

Dwyer believes that there are no other suspects involved in the deaths. He said,"It was all about drugs and money. And I'll leave it at that," and would not elaborate on any further details of the investigation.

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