Subway Employee Fights For Her Life Against Attacker, You Won't Believe What Happens Next

A Subway employee was rewarded with a suspension after fearlessly defending herself against a gun-wielding attacker.

The woman's name is Araceli Sotelo, and she was working at a local Subway shop in Illinois when a man walked in waving a gun at her demanding money.

In a split second, Sotelo decides to fight for her life and she doesn't hesitate.

Surveillance cameras were in operation in the store, and somehow... the film was leaked to the local Rockford Scanner, who watermarked the clips and posted them on Facebook.

In the video, you can see Sotelo yelling at the man behind the counter to leave and to stop, and then she starts to fight him behind the counter quickly gaining the upper hand during the altercation.

The struggle moves out into the dining room, where Sotelo miraculously manages to grab the gun. She yells at him to leave before smacking him across the head with his own gun. The would-be attacker hightailed it out of there like a scolded dog with his tail between his legs.

Sotelo claims that she was called by her boss afterward and informed that she would remain suspended until all of the videos had been totally removed from the internet... something that Sotelo claims is nearly impossible at this point. She also claims that she never sent it out in the first place.

Many people, however, believe that the notion that she is being punished for protecting herself (and, by extension, the store) is a load of hogwash. Hopefully, her community will rally together and bring some form of justice to this brave woman.

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