String Of Dispensary Robberies Make It Safer To Selling On The Corner

A marijuana dispensary owner from Oakland California claimed in a video clip posted to Twitter that considering the recent crime wave plaguing the city he was “safer selling weed on the streets,” than he is selling pot legally through his business.

“I was safer selling weed on the streets of Oakland than I am selling it legally,” owner Alphonso Blunt said. “And that’s a problem. That’s crazy to even say, but that’s just the reality I’m living in right now.”

Owner of Blunts and Moore, Blunt said that he had lost “about $25,000” when his store was hit during a recent smash and grab incident in November.

Blunt made the news when his comments were aired on national television on November 21.“ A portion of the segment was posted to the Republican National Committee Research’s official Twitter account Monday.

Blunt’s comments came ahead of an address from Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong on November 30, when Armstrong cited two shootings and a string of thefts targeting marijuana dispensaries.

One of the shootings claimed the life of Kevin Nishita, a security guard and former police officer, while he was attempting to stop a robbery.

In an October incident, a retired police captain was also shot during an attempted robbery at a gas station.

Prior to the crime wave, The Oakland City Council had voted in June to cut the police budget by more than $17 million.

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