Stoned Driver Mistakenly Pulls Out Fraudulent License

Officers in the UK had a chuckle when a traffic stop led to an arrest for reckless driving after a 21-year-old driver produced a license from LegoLand.

“The driver was pursued from #Bexley to #IsleOfSheppey and arrested for a multitude of offenses last week,” according to a tweet by the Kent Police RPU.

Officers attempted to pull over an Audi A7 they had observed driving recklessly. The driver refused to stop, resulting in a 35-mile epic car chase. A police helicopter was even called to aid with the pursuit.

Officers caught up with the stoned-driver after he ran out of gas, whereupon they discovered a large amount of marijuana in his car.

But that was just the beginning.

When officers asked for the driver's documentation, he proudly whipped out a fake license he’d received from a Legoland in Windsor as a kid in 2003.

The “license” is given to children who pass the theme park’s driving test, where drivers use a brick-built electric car to navigate “traffic lights, roundabouts, Lego policemen and even a speed camera,” according to the park’s website.

The officers joked in the tweet that “the #LegoLand license was not the reason for the driver's dangerous driving, the large amount of cannabis was.” Turns out the driver was lacking insurance as well as a valid driver's license.

The lawbreaker was subsequently “arrested at the scene on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop, possession of a class B drug, driving with no insurance and driving with no [license,]” per a police spokesperson.

The driver has reportedly been released on bail.

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