Steve Hilton Says President Trump Has Changed The Way People Think

During the opening of his show, "The Next Revolution", Steve Hilton declared that the anti-Trumpers "totally underestimate President Trump" however his ability to change the "climate of opinion" will leave a long-lasting impression on the party even after he leaves office.

"Look, no one would call Donald Trump an intellectual," said Hilton. "I suspect he himself would consider [it] an insult, but ideas matter. Real power in politics is not just the office you hold and the policies you introduce, all of that is fleeting and temporary."

"Real power is when you change the way people think," he continued, "you change the climate of opinion, you win the battle of ideas. That lasts way beyond the time you're in office."

Hilton then listed a series of accomplishment made by the Trump administration and spent a lot of the rest of his time monologuing about what he called the "Trump revolution" and called out the "establishment Republicans" for criticizing the president, including former National Security Adviser John Bolton who called Trump's presidency an "aberration" during an appearance on "Good Morning America."

"What arrogance. What idiocy. What do they give us, these establishment Republicans, two unwon wars in Afghanistan that killed over 400,000 people, disastrous trade deals that sent millions of jobs overseas and gutted the heartland," Hilton said. "Open borders that even Bernie Sanders used to say destroyed jobs and lowered wages for the working class, and total surrender to the loony left campus authoritarians."

The host called Trump the first Republican president to "actually stand up to them and fight for America" and even compared Trump to former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher and the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagen. Hilton praised Reagen for changing "how people think and... shaped policy and politics for decades after they left office."

"These never Trumpers and establishment Republicans are utterly delusional if they think anyone except their smug friends in the media bubble wants to go back to how it was before Trump," said Hilton. "They're so shallow and superficial that they can't see beyond their own prejudice."

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