Signs Popping Up At Fast-food Restaurants Sum Up The Labor Crisis In America

A sign outside of a fast-food restaurant has sparked widespread debate on Twitter over everything from the minimum wage to working conditions in modern America. It shows the hardships that Americans now face after billions of dollars in stimulus has caused many Americans to not return to work.

Shared by Rep. David Rouzer (R-N.C.), the sign, placed outside of a Hardee’s, reveals how the establishment has been closed due to a lack of workers.

Rouzer argues that the business has been unable to hire new employees due to the trillion dollars of stimulus that has been given out to Americans and when there seems to be no end of when “extended” unemployment benefits will cease.

“This is what happens when you extend unemployment benefits for too long and add a $1400 stimulus payment to it,” Rouzer tweeted. “Right when employers need workers to fully open back up, few can be found.”

But Rouzer’s interpretation of the sign was quickly met with backlash online, where users instead blamed low wages and poor working conditions.

“No. This is what happens when employers pay workers starvation wages with no benefits,” @GunneIsWarren said. “You don’t want to pay workers a living wage with decent benefits? Stay closed or do the work yourself.”

Many others claimed that the $1,400 stimulus check wouldn’t even cover a single month’s rent for many Americans.

“$1,400 is less than a month’s rent. Not counting utilities,” @DogBarkingBees wrote. “And pretty sure unemployment benefits are there for people who lose their job, not people who just decide they want unemployment. Maybe companies should pay folks a livable wage instead of wasting paper.”

Whether the employment problem at the fast-food restaurant is an isolated issue or a sign of what’s to come remains unclear. Either way, the restaurant industry has taken a major hit since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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