Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Can’t Have A Blank Check To Raise Debt Ceiling

Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Wednesday that he is not prepared to give Sen Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “a blank check” to raise the debt ceiling.

“Sen. Schumer has a very easy way of raising the debt ceiling with Democratic votes. All he’s got to do is amend the budget resolution with Democratic votes. 50 votes, plus the vice president,” Kennedy said, adding that “It’s like Geico. It’s so easy, even the caveman can do it.”

Kennedy alleged that Schumer intends to raise the debt ceiling without setting guidelines.

“He wants a blank check. I am not going to vote. You can write this down and take it home to momma. I am not going to vote to give Sen. Schumer a blank check,” he added.

Schumer has demanded that the debt ceiling has to be raised this week.

Kennedy describes congress as “folks scurrying around like headless chickens” but said his “position has not changed. My Democratic colleagues want to pass a spending orgy reconciliation bill that will spend $4 trillion, raise trillions in taxes, trillions in debt that would tax, spend and regulate America into European neo-socialism,” he said.

Kennedy said there are some in Congress who “believe that Sen. Schumer now has the votes to break the filibuster on the issue of raising the debt ceiling.”

“My attitude is it’s not going to change my position one iota,” Kennedy said. “Not one iota … I’m not going to support this craziness that my President Biden and his new woke left friends are trying to ram down the American people’s throat.”

“Our problem is not that we tax too little. It’s that we spend too much. There has not been a nanosecond, not a nanosecond spent by either party on either side of the aisle about how to do something more efficiently and save some money.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he would be agreable to a short term extesion of the debt ceiling. Multiple Senate Democrats said Wednesday after a full caucus meeting that they will accept McConnell’s offer of a short-term debt ceiling hike in order to avoid a federal default. President Joe Biden recommended Tuesday that the filibuster rules could be revised in order for the debt ceiling to be raised, saying the option is “a real possibility.”

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