Rand Paul Gets The Shaft When Prosecutors Refuse To Investigate Attack

Prosecutors in Washington informed Senator Rand Paul that they do not plan on investigating the origins of protestors who harassed him and his wife at the Republican National Convention this past August.

Paul confirmed this on Twitter by retweeting footage of the incident with the caption, "The DC U.S. Attorney today confirmed to me that they will not pursue an investigation of who is funding the thugs who attacked my wife and me and sent a DC police officer to the hospital."

At the time of the incident, a crowd of protestors approached Paul and his wife as they were leaving the White House grounds after President Trump's keynote address at the RNC. The crowd demanded that Paul acknowledge the death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor who was killed when police stormed her apartment in pursuit of a no-knock warrant on March 13.

Paul noted that he was the author of the "Justice for Breonna Taylor Act," a bill that would ban no-knock warrants, during an interview on "Fox and Friends" in August. He alleges that the crowd that confronted him was connected to "interstate criminal traffic being paid for across states line" and demanded federal authorities conduct an investigation.

β€œI promise you that at least some of the members and the people who attacked us were not from D.C., they flew here on a plane, they all have fresh new clothes and they were paid to be here,” Paul suggested. β€œIt is a crime to do that and it needs to be traced. The FBI needs to investigate.”

Paul wasn't the only one of the RNC attendees confronted by protestors after the event. And while a video shows there was no violence against Paul during the encounter he tweeted at the time that he had been "attacked by an angry mob" and thanked local police for "literally saving our lives from a crazed mob."

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