Psaki Bobs And Weaves Through Questions About Biden's Rude Behavior

In a press conference Tuesday Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary was put on the spot by reporters wanting to know about President Joe Biden's disrespectful behavior during the solemn transfer ceremony of the 13 U.S. service members killed by an ISIS-K bombing near the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Fox News' Jacqui Henrich asked Psaki specifically about Biden checking his watch during the ceremony.

"Some of the Gold Star families have criticized the president's conduct at the dignified transfer. There was a father of one Marine who said the president shouldn't be checking his watch every time a flag-draped transport case came by the plane. And a sister of another Marine said that it felt like a fake and scripted apology," Heinrich said

"Was the president looking at his watch, does he have a message for those people who felt that they were offended?

Psaki acted as if Heinrich had not asked a question at all and started speaking about how the president "feels."

"Well I would say his message to all of the family members, who were there, those who were not even in attendance, is that he is grateful to their sons and daughters, the sacrifice that they made to the country. That he knows firsthand what it's like to lose a child and the fact no one can tell you anything, or say anything, that there's no words that are going to fill that hole that is left by that."

"He's not and I'm not going to speak to the private conversations, of course, they have the right to convey whatever they would like," Psaki said of the president's visits with the Gold Star families.

"But I will tell you, from spending a lot of time with him over the last couple of days, that he was deeply impacted by these family members who he met, just two days ago. That he talks about them frequently in meetings and the incredible service of their sons and daughters. That is not going to change their suffering, but I wanted to convey that still."

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