Pro-Life Group Threatened And Harassed With Disgusting Voicemails

Texas Right to Life has received multiple online and voicemail threats wishing horrible things upon the employees of the pro-life organization.

One message received via social media was sent with a "short tutorial on how to tie a noose," suggesting staffers to "please follow the instructions, procure a noose, stick your neck in the hole, and then let your body dangle by the neck."

A voicemail was left saying "You guys are f----ing pieces of sh**. I wish the worst on you and your families," You guys can rot in hell when you die. However long that will be. I don't know. I hope you have short lives, though. Like if you're in a plane, I hope it crashes. If you're in a car, I hope it crashes. You guys should have been aborted."

"We take these kinds of threats very seriously," said Bellaire Chief of Police Onesimo Lopez. "Our Criminal Investigations Division is conducting an investigation into the threats and will follow up on any leads that develop."

Friday, a bomb squad was sent to Texas Right to Life to investigate a suspicious package. The building was evacuated by local police and then brought in the Houston police bomb squad to examine the package in question. No explosive was found, Bellaire police confiscated the package. A warning was issued to the public that making a bomb threat is a criminal offense. Individuals convicted of a "Terroristic Threat" face a fine of up to $4.000 and up to a year in jail.

"We take all of these threats very seriously," Kimberly Schwartz, director of media and communication at Texas Right to Life said. "We report all of them to the local police."

Schwartz said Texas Right to Life has received an increase in threats since the implementation of S.B.8, the Texas abortion law that allows private citizens to bring a lawsuit against an abortionist, or someone who aids and abets abortion, if the abortion provider detected the unborn baby's heartbeat before performing the procedure, or if they refuse to check for a heartbeat.

The pro-life group has hired 24-7 security and set up cameras to monitor the building, Schwartz said, adding the staff have changed their daily routines to give added security

"It's been heartbreaking to see the violence that people can have in their hearts," Schwartz said. She added that Texas Right to Life has "always" condemned threats against workers at abortion clinics which she described as "heartbreaking."

Schwartz said the most horrific messages she has received are "The ones about eating babies"

A caller left a message: "Hi, is it okay to eat babies?" You're not allowed to do anything until they're born. Once they're born is it okay to eat them? That could solve the hunger problem"

Schwartz said that despite all the negative messages the group has received there has also been an outpouring of support with people "stepping up and offering to help, with prayers or donations or volunteering."

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