President Trump Gains A Major Advantage In Critical Swing State With These Voters

The University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab released a new poll that showed President Trump holding a lead with seniors against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. It may be a slightly smaller margin than what he had in 2016 against then-rival Hillary Clinton but a win is still a win.

The poll was released early last week and drew from 3,142 residents, 39% of which were Republican, 38% being Democrat, and 22% claiming to have no party affiliation. According to the research lab's press release the respondents were also 47% male and 53% female.

One of the questions on the poll asked respondents, "If the presidential election were held today and the candidates were Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Joe Biden for the Democratic Party, who would you vote for?"

Trump garnered the majority with 50% from voters aged 65 and older, leaving Biden with just 47% of the vote.

Voters were also asked to compare their vote for the 2020 election to that of their vote in the 2016 election and the results showed Trump previously had a 14 point lead with voters aged 65 years and older when he went up against Clinton four years ago.

The same poll found that a surprising 86% of Democrats believe the results of the upcoming election will be fair, compared to a respectable 58% of Republicans.

Also, the survey found that just 27% of respondents believed the first presidential debate held on September 29th "was very or somewhat influential in their vote decision in the coming election."

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