Man Loses Life And Limbs After Horrific Dog Attack

A Texas man died 10 days after a brutal attack by three dogs resulting in his legs and arm being amputated.

Neighbor, Calvin Stoy, discovered Nicolas Vasquez being mauled by three pitbull mix dogs and called for help.

"I thought I heard a moan. I heard the dogs barking. So I went to the corner of my yard here, and I heard another moan," Stoy said.

As Stoy approached the ditch where he’d heard the moaning, he shined his flashlight and the dogs scattered.

The victim's niece, Kelly Vasquez, says the dogs were literally eating her uncle alive.

"His body couldn’t take it anymore," she said.

Vasquez and Stoy said the dogs had not been friendly in the past and would often chase people walking by as well as bark and attack kids.

Another resident said the victim had suffered an ankle bite from two of the dogs two months ago.

The district attorney's office and investigators are expected to meet to determine whether the owners will be charged. The dogs have been taken into custody by animal control.

"First of all, it’s a crime to let your dogs run loose like that. I think he should face manslaughter, Stoy said.

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