Las Vegas Woman Snaps And Mows Down In-N-Out Patrons

A Las Vegas woman is facing attempted murder charges after she drove her vehicle into a crowd at an In-N-Out location. Jessica DeFalco, 30, is facing charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, battery with the use of a deadly weapon, battery with the use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm, and duty to stop at the scene of a crash involving death or personal injury.

Authorities say that DeFalco was in the drive-thru of the In-N-Out when she got into an argument with a customer in line in ahead of her. DeFalco began honking at the customer as they were placing their order. After the individual received their order and was checking the bag, DeFalco, who had not made a purchase, began honking again.

After exiting the drive-thru line, as a crowd of onlookers began to gather, DeFalco drove into the crowd, striking two people and a vehicle. DeFalco then reversed her vehicle, dragging one of the victims underneath the car.

One witness described DeFalco as having a look of “pure hate” on her face during the argument.

In an interview with police, DeFalco stated that she thought the other customer was “selfish” and taking too long. She told officers that when the crowd started recording the incident, she felt “bullied,” so she turned her car around and “ran into them.”

DeFalco admitted to police that she “has anger issues, which she is taking medication for, other mental issues, and claimed she was drunk at the time of the incident.”

When officers told DeFalco someone had been hurt in the incident, she asked, “Did they die?” When they told her “no,” she said, “Ok, then I’m good, they deserved every bit of it.”

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