Kids Get Tattooed While Waiting On Their Happy Meals

According to court documents, a man from South Carolina has admitted to giving a minor a tattoo while they were both seated at a table in the McDonald's restaurant's dining area.

In connection with the illegal inking at a McDonald's in Laurens, a city about 35 miles south of Spartanburg, Brandon Presha, 29, last month pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts.

Presha, who is depicted to the right, was found guilty of tattooing a child and doing so without a permit. He was given a nine-month prison term, but the judge decided to substitute an 18-month probation supervision period in its place.

Presha was also required to pay a $300 fine, 30 hours of community service, and court costs. Presha was arrested in August of last year and released on a $25,000 bond.

A female customer who was impatient with a Friday night back-up in the drive-thru line peered inside the restaurant and saw Presha tattooing the child's arm is how police first became aware of the McTattooing. The woman captured Presha in action on camera, and she later sent police the video.

The customer complained that Presha and the tattooed person were "out here doing tattoos instead of getting food orders out" as she was recording. Presha tattooed a young person who worked at McDonald's (pictured below).

Presha's tattooing collar was not the first time he had been detained at the McDonald's location, according to the police. He was apprehended in October 2020 for allegedly stabbing a man twice during an altercation in the restaurant's restroom (where Presha's girlfriend worked).

Presha was initially accused of "assault/attempted murder," but later pleaded guilty to assault and battery and received a three-year prison term for the felony. The custodial sentence, however, was suspended by the judge, and Presha was instead

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