Kamala Harris Is Raising Money To Bail Pipeline Protesters Out Of Jail

Vice President Kamala Harris is backing the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which is a bail fund used to help get people out of jail during the environmental protests against the Line 3 pipeline.

Several conservation groups have become involved in organizing protests against the pipeline project in northern Minnesota and have informed individuals of the MFF giving more aggressive protesters no reason to fear getting arrested because they know our Vice President will bail them out.

Last summer, Vice President Kamala Harris begged Twitter followers to give money to the MFF to help Black Lives Matter protesters post bail during the violent riots.

The Pipeline Legal Action Network, a group vowing to arrange the legal needs of these protesters, announced on its website that "The Minnesota Freedom Fund has committed to supporting the movement for all bail needs."

Not only that but several other local organizations are directing people who couldn't make it to the protest to donate money to the MFF.

The number of people who did make it up to join the protests have ranged in the thousands over the past couple of days. Their main complaint being the pipeline infringing on Native American land and the harm it causes to the environment.

There has been nearly 200 arrests since Monday but only 68 of them were issued citations in relation to the Line 3 protests. A group made up of several Minnesota police departments, known as the Northern Lights Task Force, has assembled to establish and enforce the law during protests.

Line 3 pipeline, controlled by a Canadian oil company, has only completed about half of the $4 billion replacement construction. The pipeline's purpose is to transport tar sands oil from Canada to the United States, which it has done for over half a century.

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