John Oliver's Message To White Americans Is Shocking And Terrifying

Comedian and TV show host John Oliver went into full-on rant-mode over the weekend calling upon “white America” to “march in the streets and demand a better country” while reprimanding any attempts at peaceful protests.

The very far-left Oliver began to almost foam at the mouth when he began to almost uncontrollably enter into a verbal onslaught in his response to the shooting of Daunte Wright, unwilling to accept that the young black man’s death was accidental.

“I can safely say this week has been a fucking nightmare, from the news that [Wright] was pulled over for minor traffic violations, including having an air freshener hanging on his rearview mirror, to the 26-year veteran of the police force who killed him claiming it was somehow an accident, to the local police department flying a 'thin blue line' flag after the shooting, which is just corn-fed, deep-fried bullshit,” Oliver ranted.

Oliver commented that statements are “so often just another way to prioritize compliance over righteous dissent and to protect property over human lives” when referencing Biden’s insistence on peaceful protests.

“I could make the same arguments to you again now,” Oliver said. “I could describe the problem to you, but I think you know what and who it is. I could offer solutions, but I think you know what they are. I could offer you anger, but if you’re a sentient human being alive right now and you are not already full of that, I honestly don’t know what to say to you.:

“Because the fact is, Black people continue to be mowed down by the police that they pay for,” he concluded.

Oliver ended his onslaught by calling upon “white America” to be the only Americans that can bring any changes to a system that has been broken for ages.

“It’s once again been made painfully clear that we – and when I say we, I mean white America – have to stop talking about fundamental change in policing and actually make it happen because this cycle of state violence against Black lives has to be stopped,” he said. “So put on your shoes, leave the house, march in the streets, and demand a better country – one in which Black people are treated with fundamental respect.”

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