Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore Share Laughs Over Biden’s Debate Performance and Media Reactions – Watch the Video

On his recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan, the renowned stand-up comedian and host, had Jimmy Dore as a guest. Dore, a fellow comedian and political commentator, joined Rogan in a hearty discussion that included some light-hearted jabs at President Joe Biden’s performance in the previous week’s debate.

The duo didn’t hold back their amusement while discussing the media figures who were all praises for Biden’s abilities leading up to the debate day. Among those they mocked was Joe Scarborough from MSNBC.

Rogan and Dore even played clips of Scarborough confidently assuring his audience that Biden is performing better than ever before.

The following transcript via Sportskeeda captures some of Rogan’s comments:

(ROGAN): “Like, some of the things that are stupid are so stupid like when you see [Joe] Biden, (imitates Biden’s voice) ‘We beat Medicare’ (laughs). Thank you, Mr. President! And then they smash-cut like how the f**k is that real? The guy locks up like Windows 95, stammers for 15 seconds, and then he says ‘we beat Medicare.”…

“So it’s very clear watching Joe Biden talk – very clear – that he’s not making all his decisions and someone writes his stuff down. We’ve seen the cue cards that he has. They tell him what to say. We see him read teleprompters and say ‘end of quote’… So we know there’s no f**king way he’s the man behind the machine. So there’s a bunch of people that work for him that are essentially running the country. And those people don’t want to lose that position…”

Additional remarks from Dore can be found on Twitter/X:

(DORE): “No one has ever loved Joe Biden. He’s always been a joke and a punch line. And the idea that this is somehow Joe Biden’s truth-telling against Donald Trump. The first time Joe Biden ran for president, he had to drop out because he was exposed for being a pathological liar. He said he graduated at the top of his class. He graduated at the bottom. He said he had three majors. He said he was chosen as the most outstanding in his class. It was all lies. And then he got caught plagiarizing their speeches and their life story. Who does that?”

The entire conversation can be viewed below:

All in all, it’s hard not to chuckle at these revelations.

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