Joe Biden Gets Called Out For Accidently Agreeing With President Trump

The Washington and polictics managing editor of the typically left leaning media company Politico accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of sounding "very much like Trump" after the former vice president said the only way he could lose November's election was through "chicanery."

Biden made a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Saturdasy and told voters, "Make sure to vote because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places."

Politico's Blake Hounshell called out Biden's statement in a Twitter post saying, "Biden sounding very much like Trump here."

Before he left Pennsylvania, Biden backpedaled on his comment. He told reporters that his remarks were "taken a little out of context," adding, "I'm going to accept the outcome of this election, period."

"What I was referencing," Biden continued, "is the attempts that are made to try to influence and scare people from voting. You should not pay attention to them."

Biden and other fellow Democrats have been very vocal about how they believe President Trump will attempt to "steal" the victory if the results of the election didn't come out in his favor.

The Biden campaign has made a huge effort to control Election Day by recruiting hundreds of lawyers and volunteers to oversee polling stations.

Trump rejecting election results and refusing to leave the White House has been an ongoing narrative of the Democrats for months now. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has attacked the president from every angle possible in hopes of removing him from presidency early. She tried to impeach him, threatened to fumigate him, and in her most recent move, has called on the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. The

Democrats are trying so hard to prevent an unfair election that they themselves have corrupted the results before they have even been determined.

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