Jill Biden’s Former Spouse Criticizes First Lady’s Role in Presidential Race

The First Lady, Jill Biden, has been criticized by her ex-husband Bill Stevenson for her role in encouraging President Joe Biden to continue his presidential campaign. Stevenson was married to Jill from 1970-1975 and shared his thoughts with the New York Post.

He expressed his confusion over why Jill is so insistent on supporting and defending Joe’s candidacy despite apparent struggles. “Dr. Jill Biden, who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years, is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way.” said Stevenson.

This criticism comes amidst calls from former Obama advisers and liberal commentators for Biden to step down following a less than stellar debate performance.

First lady Jill Biden’s ex-husband has joined the chorus of people slamming her for apparently encouraging President Biden to stay in the election after his disastrous debate performance.

“The Dr. Jill Biden who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way,” Bill Stevenson, who was married to Jill from 1970 to 1975, told The Post Saturday.

“She’s matriculated into a completely different woman.”

Stevenson, 75, of Delaware, is a proud Trump supporter who has been vocal over the years about his bitterness with what he has at times called “the Biden crime family.”

This isn’t Stevenson’s first time voicing concerns about Jill and Joe Biden. He has previously made claims about the Bidens, expressing his disapproval and dissatisfaction.

Bill Stevenson is not a fan of the Biden family, as he has made clear over the years. He has been vocal about his grievances with what he refers to as “the Biden crime family”.

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