Jill Biden Has To Remind Hypocrite Husband About Social Distancing

When President Trump was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after spending the weekend getting treatment for his coronavirus diagnosis Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took a couple of cheap shots by posting a meme of the president not wearing a mask upon his arrival back to the White House along with a video of himself putting a mask on like he was a COVID superhero.

The caption along with the image read, "Wear a mask."

But without a voice in his ear telling him what to do his wife, Jill Biden, had to literally pull him away from a group of reporters in order to keep up the appearance of maintaining social distancing guidelines, at least until November's election.

Biden was answering questions for reporters about next week's presidential debate between himself and President Trump after the president recently tested positive for COVID-19, along with the First Lady Melania Trump and several other Republicans in Trump's inner circle, when his wife had to walk up behind him and physically grab his arms to pull him to a safe distance away from the crowd.

"I'm sorry," the Democratic nominee said and added that he would be attending the next debate as long as proper safety protocols were established and put into place.

"Listen to the science," Biden said. "If the scientists say that it’s safe -- the distances are safe -- then I think that’s fine. I’ll do whatever the experts say is appropriate for me to do."

Shortly after President Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening his campaign announced that he planning on attending the debate next Thursday.

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