Jesse Watters UNLOADS On ‘The View’ After They Say THIS About Joe Biden … AYFKM?!?

Jesse Watters of Fox News had some strong words for the hosts of ‘The View’, who were defending President Biden from accusations of responsibility for the current inflation woes.

According to the liberal talk show, nothing is ever Joe’s fault; instead, it is always someone else to blame. Watters remarked that if one was merely listening to “The View”, they would be under the impression that everything in America is terrible but none of it can be blamed on Biden. He went on to point out that while Biden promised to be more competent and caring upon taking office, it appears he has not been either.

Additionally, Watters pointed out how ridiculous it was for Biden to go visit a farm in Illinois rather than Iowa if he was running for re-election. He also questioned what advice the government could possibly give to farmers since they already know how to plant crops.

The House recently approved a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, which is much more than Biden’s initial request. This has raised questions about why the government is spending so much money abroad when it should be using that money to fix pressing issues here in America, such as energy shortages and supply chain problems.

It is clear that the White House is spending more time pointing fingers than taking responsibility for their own mistakes. Joe Biden promised to make America better but it looks like he has been unable to deliver on this promise so far. It remains to be seen if things will change in the future.

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