Jesse Watters Pushes Buttons on Lindsey Graham To Respond On 'RESTRICT Act'

During the interview, Jesse Watters pressed Senator Graham on the specifics of the RESTRICT Act, particularly how it would allow the government to monitor financial transactions.

Graham explained that the bill would create an interagency task force to "look at transactions that could be tied to terrorism, cyber threats, or drug cartels." He emphasized that this would not involve mass surveillance of all financial transactions made by Americans, but rather specific monitoring of suspicious activity.

Watters also brought up concerns about the potential abuse of power and invasions of privacy. Graham acknowledged that these were valid concerns but argued that the task force would be subject to oversight and accountable to Congress. "We're not going to let the government have a blank check to go poke around in anybody's financial records," he said. "We're going to have to justify why we're doing it."

The conversation then turned to China and the country's growing influence in the world. Graham expressed concern about China's investment in technology and said that the RESTRICT Act could help combat Chinese cyber espionage. "We're not ready for primary power competition with China," he said. "They're eating our lunch in the technological field."

Watters also asked Graham about the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump, to which Graham responded that it was a "joke" and a "partisan circus." He argued that the Democrats' focus on impeachment was distracting from more pressing issues such as China, immigration, and healthcare.

Finally, Watters asked Graham about his predictions for the 2020 election. Graham voiced confidence in President Trump's reelection prospects but emphasized that Republicans needed to focus on issues that mattered to American voters. "We've got to win the argument on healthcare," he said. "We've got to have secure borders, and we have to be tough on China."

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