Jason Momoa Hid A Big Secret In His Testimony In Depp-Heard Trial

A hilarious video parody of actor Jason Momoa testifying in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial has gone viral.

Momoa, who worked with Heard in the 2018 movie Aquaman and is set to share the screen again with her in the 2023 sequel, has not actually been called as a witness in the trial. YouTuber GeoMFilms, however, shared a personal interpretation of what it might look like if he did testify. The video clip has crossed social media platforms and garnered millions of views.

The video shows Momoa appearing in court via video link using footage that was taken from a Zoom interview he had previously done. The rest of the audio in the video is dubbed over including Momoa's "testimony," Heard's lawyer's questions, and uncontrolled laughter coming from all over the courtroom. The original two-minute video has received almost 450,000 views on YouTube, but since being shared on TikTok, it's had another 5.2 million views on top of that.

The video, titled "Jason Momoa takes the stand in Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial DUB,” parodies a scenario on the set of Aquaman where Momoa claims Heard pooped in the pool. The “actor” flirts with Depp’s lawyer and incites laughter in court.

The video which was mocked up and intended as a joke is done so well that people actually believed it was real.

YouTubers wrote, "The fact that I genuinely thought this was real because this trial has been crazy as hell,” with another commenting, "So. Freaking. Legit!!!" and "This deserves an OSCAR!"

TikTok users were convinced as well, leaving these comments, "Why did I think this was real lmao," and "Not me thinking this was real" and "for a minute I thought this was real."

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